About Reims

eap Coronation City, Champagne town... Reims, one of the main gastronomic centres of France is eager to show you the legacy of its glorious past and to lead you into a prestigious realm of the most celebrated and festive of wines.

Rich of traditions and centuries-old know-how, Reims has also become a modern and lively regional capital thanks to its location, at the crossroad of several European routes, its economy and its first-rate teaching and research centre.

Three sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage, the refined atmosphere of the Champagne Houses, a town centre which offers you both the elegance of its Art Deco facades and its relaxed atmosphere which prevails in the streets and on the café-terraces, a program of many and varied cultural events, a green environment where nature is queen… Reims opens to you its doors and welcomes you.


As undeniable Coronation City, Reims is also a gastronomic town. Today the restaurant owners of Reims are proud to have won the bet pledged a few years ago, ie : to rival with the greatest in their profession. Their food, based on solid foundation inherited from the champagne tradition, has gradually become more refined and personalised.

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